It is so exciting to see Pawtuxet Village come alive as things open back up. With "the new normal" starting to fade in our minds, and life ACTUALLY begin to return to normal, we see the things that we've missed for the past year where we all put our lives on hold.

View From the CoLab Event Room
My favorite thing is to see people out on the water as the Pawtuxet river that splits Cranston and Warwick Rhode Island opens out into the bay. It's one of the wonderful views we have in CoLab that makes working sometimes feel more like a vacation than an actual work day.

Even hard core bikers need to take a break sometimes
Taking a walk outside it is clear that many neighbors and tourists are eager to be back outside in the village. We have the wonderful sight of the lines outside of Dear Hearts ice cream as well as people sitting out and eating lunch outside of Rim Nahm Thai Food restaurant. Many people have compared Pawtuxet Village to Wickford, and I have to say, there are many striking similarities. The boutique shops, quality restaurants and of course the colonial vibes. While Wickford may be more well known, Pawtuxet Village is more of a hidden gem.

It feels good to be open on a bright (almost) summer day
Anyone who went to the Gaspee Days Parade the past weekend can attest to the fact that it is definitely well known to the locals who came out in droves for the festivities. After this past year and the winter that seemed to go on for too long, we at CoLab are so excited for the summer!

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