Local architectural historian Will Morgan recently examined the future of office work in a post-COVID world for GoLocalProv.com. According to Morgan, the "pandemic has helped us to see that the long evolution to gigantic and often remote office buildings was the abnormal. The internet and related technology has made working outside the corporate environment highly doable and perhaps preferable."

"The reasonable outlook," according to Morgan, "is to see the future of work as flexible and adaptable. Simply put, work will happen at home, in a coffee shop, and in other places a lot more frequently than before. Still, a lot of Americans crave the community - the sense of congregation - of working in an office."

If you are looking for flexible shared office space or for a private office for your business within our coworking community, call us or stop by anytime for a tour or for more information. While 2020 has been a rough year for many Americans, and small businesses have been hit particularly hard, we're looking forward to rebounding with our local community and helping local businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and others to focus, connect, and grow.

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