What we're about

We get together once a month to learn about React.js, web development, and each other, all over free pizza and beer.

If you want to give a talk, please shoot me a note here with "ReactRI" in the subject line: http://elliotbonneville.com/contact . We’re currently looking for speakers!


We keep it short and sweet, with some good info packed away in the talks, and then time after to socialize with the other website-producing humans in the local area.

6:00pm: Meet & greet (a.k.a. stuff your face with free food time)
6:30pm: Main presentation
7:00pm: Lightning talks covering a range of topics
7:30pm: Networking

Stuff we talk about:

Our topics list includes, but is not limited to, the following:

- React.js
- Front-end JavaScript (libraries, techniques, etc.)
- UI / UX
- Design systems
- Functional programming
- Working as a web developer
- SaaS development

If you’d like to give a talk around one of these subjects or have another idea for a talk, please let me know! We are currently accepting speakers.

Talks are to be announced, but we have three speakers already. That said, if you would like to give a (short) talk at this event or would be interested in speaking at a future event, please reach out to me at https://elliotbonneville.com/contact and let me know. Thanks!

We also have a Slack channel up and running now, which you can join here. 

See you there!


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