Working from home? Or a coffee shop? Try a co-working space, like CoLab. 

When working remotely, whether as an entrepreneur putting hours and hours into a startup or as a remote employee of a company, it can be challenging to find a place that is conducive to productivity or an environment where you can make connections with other professionals. The social element of working on-site is quite absent when working remotely, unless you put in the effort of searching for connections and organizing some kind of collaborative working environment. This is where co-working spaces are a gem.

Co-working spaces provide a professional environment and a community of other like-minded entrepreneurs and remote workers– people you can greet every day, get to know as co-workers, and make connections with through networking.

One such co-working space resides along the Pawtuxet River in Cranston, Rhode Island, called CoLab: A Coworking Community. 

Now let’s take a closer look into what sets CoLab apart from the home or a coffee shop, like Starbucks.

Co-work: Professional Environment & Community

CoLab provides a professional environment and community encouraging productivity, unlike any that you will find at home or Starbucks. While the living situation of each person varies, there are normally many distractions which make working from home problematic, such as distractions from family, roommates, pets, TV, the fridge, laundry, video games, etc.


Though a coffee shop does not have the same kind of distractions, it does have its own set of interferences, such as employees shouting coffee orders, the busy bustle of people constantly coming and going, and the unpredictability of who enters your working space, because many will not be remote professionals such as yourself. Both the coffee shop and home are far from a business environment that is set up to encourage a focused, professional community and atmosphere, as is integral to a co-working space like CoLab.

CoLab also offers opportunities to network and has a receptionist on desk during business hours—both aspects a coffee shop or home does not provide. CoLab provides networking opportunities where entrepreneurs can advertise their start-ups, and meet and work with other professionals. The event room and conference room at CoLab are perfect for such events. There is also a friendly staff member always on desk during business hours to greet and assist the members in their needs.

No Maintenance Commitment

CoLab does the maintenance, so members do not have to worry about the upkeep of their workspace. Starbucks has this in common for the most part. Both CoLab and Starbucks provide space where people can work without worrying about all the challenges that come with maintenance of the space and internet; however, CoLab provides the additional service of a printer/scanner/copier. Working from home requires much more maintenance with the upkeep of a home office, which may include a printer/copier/scanner, subscription for internet connection, furniture maintenance, keeping the space organized and clean, etc. CoLab provides all this to make your workspace worry-free of maintenance. Just go in and get right to work in a well-maintained workspace that you know will always be clean and organized.

Security of Belongings

CoLab provides security of your belongings, similar to the security you will find at home, but unlike what you will find at coffee shops. At CoLab, you can feel secure leaving your belongings at your workspace while going to use the restroom or stepping out for a quick errand. At home you may feel this same security, but it is risky to leave anything unattended a coffee shop, where there are no measures to provide security for your belongings. At CoLab, we not only have professional members and staff who respect your space and property, but also security cameras to add an extra level of comfort and protection of your property. Rest assured, you can feel safe using CoLab as your workspace.

High-speed, Secure, Reliable Internet

CoLab provides high-speed, reliable gigabit internet. While a coffee shop or home could provide high-speed internet connection, it is unpredictable at most coffee shops and in the average American home.According to ETI Software Solutions, the average U.S. internet speed is 42.86 Mbps, which is problematic when many users are on the network.Gigabit internet can reach up to 1,000 Mbps, according to an article by Frontier, which allows many users to use the internet at the same time and download large amounts of date with no slowdowns. CoLab also has a secure private network provided to members using the space, which eliminates the risk of hacking that you might find on public networks like Starbucks, that are open for absolutely anyone to gain access.The set-up here at CoLab is perfect for a community that is working together.

Interiorly Designed Business Workspace

CoLab is designed as a professional and uplifting shared office workspace, with a waterfront view, air-purifying plants in every room, individual desk spaces, and loads of natural light to enhance the quality of your workday. Starbucks is well-designed, for a coffee shop...but it is a coffee shop. It is designed in a way that encourages people to come together for food and coffee while catching up, but is clearly not meant to be an office space for professionals to work all day together. Similarly, working from home does not provide a beautifully designed communal office space, and even if a home office is well-designed, it is lacking the social aspect of a space that is designed with multiple work stations for professionals to work along-side each other. CoLab is dedicated to providing a designed space that is professional, clean, and conducive to productivity for a community of co-workers.


CoLab offers competitive rates and additional free perks for customers. At CoLab, the monthly memberships start at just $95 per month, which include complimentary coffee, tea, seltzers, and snacks—not to mention, use of kitchen amenities, including a microwave, toaster, sink, refrigerator, and dishes. At Starbucks, with the requirement to make a purchase in order to stay, you are sure to spend twice that amount if you were to go daily to get your work done, because who stays the whole day at Starbucks with out buying multiple coffees?  At CoLab, not only can you come in for the whole day and enjoy your tea and coffee at no additional charge, but some memberships allow 24/7 access to the space at still comparable rates. At home, there is the cost of installing a home office—which looks different for each person—, maintenance, and none of the additional free perks of CoLab without a cost. Overall, CoLab has a one-up on Starbucks prices and potentially on home-office installation and upkeep costs.

Come Join the Coworking Community at CoLab

The feeling of community and involvement in a workplace is important to many people. This is the environment at CoLab—a place where you can work along-side other supportive and encouraging like-minded professionals. Whether you are a start-up business entrepreneur, a remote employee, free-lancer, or a remote student needing a place to focus on schoolwork or meet with tutors, CoLab is meant for people like you. Consider dropping in to try it out and see if it is the right fit for you.

CoLab Coworking Community
2206 Broad Street, Cranston, RI 02905

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