Family and friends are excited to celebrate this spring and summer with some sense of normalcy. Even with the positive progress the United States has made in combating the pandemic, experts are still suggesting social distancing and safety precautions. CoLab's private event room is available for small group functions, and we are taking every action to be as careful and cautious as possible. If you are thinking of hosting an event in Rhode Island this year, some things to consider as you plan for your function are detailed below. If you are looking for a great space to host your event, please give CoLab a call or stop by for more information or to see our awesome private room.

If you are concerned about social distance, you may want to stagger your guests' arrival time to be sure there is enough room for everyone to be spaced comfortably. If you're hosting a 4-hour event, for instance, consider inviting half the guests in the first two hours, and the other half in the second two.

You probably want to give some extra thought to your event space layout and seating arrangements as well. Guests may be more comfortable with a little extra room between tables and some families may prefer to be seated together to minimize contact with those outside their normal social circle.

If you'll be serving food, consider individual servings or take turns going through a buffet line by household. For further safety, consider having everyone wear a clean plastic glove to serve themselves or have one individual wearing a mask and gloves to serve everyone. Also, use a clean plate to enjoy second servings.

Finally, respect each other. Your event may be the first time some families have gathered since last year. It is important to respect those who still don’t feel comfortable, even after being vaccinated. Acknowledge each other’s feelings and the overall uncertainty of the situation. Everyone has the right to weigh the benefits and risks for themselves.

When you are ready to gather again with friends and family, the private event room at CoLab is available for rent with plenty of room for safe social distancing and observing covid best practices. Please give us a call or stop by CoLab anytime for more information or to see the space.

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