While Covid-19 is still a major concern, the start of Winter should bring a welcome new phase for the economy. Movie theaters are opening, professional sports are being played, and many cities have partially re-opened indoor dining. Perhaps it's no surprise that many companies are looking to call office workers back as well, potentially marking an unofficial start to post-pandemic office culture.

As future-of-work discussions shift from theoretical to practical, coworking spaces in Rhode Island like CoLab should prove to be a vital solution in a world of hybrid work. Our mission of providing community and flexibility to remote workers and entrepreneurs might be exactly what many workers need as we re-envision the working world based on the lessons learned over the past nine months.

Coworking spaces have obvious appeal in a world where companies and workers are looking for hybrid or flexible models. Early in the pandemic, Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that as many as half of his company's workers could be remote in five to ten years. More recently, after months of tech employees working remotely, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings speculated many companies could ask workers to spend four days a week in the office and one day a week working remotely.

Other companies may pursue different approaches - some fully remote, some with certain roles in the office full-time, and others that are more flexible. It may take years for companies to figure out what best practices look like.

This is where the services CoLab provides could be so valuable. For companies unwilling to commit to long-term leases without knowing what the new normal looks like, CoLab offers a way to get temporary or flexible space with amenities that still let workers collaborate in person. For workers whose housing situations aren't amenable to remote work, CoLab can provide a professional office environment even if they work for a company with a remote-work culture.

Even if most companies bring the majority of their employees back into offices over the next year, the number of workers in remote or coworking environments is likely to be far higher over the next few years than it was in 2020. At CoLab we are excited to get back to work and to help our local community adjust to the new normal. If you are interested in learning more about the CoLab coworking community and how we can help you, call us or stop by anytime for a tour.

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