So many CoLab members have shared that our coworking community has helped them address the sense of loneliness and isolation that can develop after the initial thrill of working from home wears off. Unlike setting up at a coffee shop, where the sense of community is more transient and less focused, a dedicated local coworking, or shared office, space acts as a hub that unites individuals and causes across sectors in unexpected ways, allowing  for greater depth of human connection over time, and fostering a spirit of innovation, collaboration, and creativity.

Food sharing is one of the oldest forms of human connection (we love this article from NPR on Why Eating the Same Food Increases People's Trust and Cooperation) and we've learned that adding meal sharing into the coworking equation, where everyone contributes a small part to the whole, really seems to amplify the essence of what makes a shared work space such a special thing to begin with :)

CoLab's first potluck lunch, on Friday, February 21,  was such a success we've decided to make it a monthly thing, aligning next month with our Networking Social & Open Coworking Day.

Free & open to the public; feel free to bring a dish to share, or just show up for lunch, networking and open coworking!

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